More About Me!…


Once upon a time, a cute little baby was born (oooooh yeah, humble since the beginning LOL)… Now seriously, I think is appropriate to talk about me a little more, since now we are growing together as a very big “Confess Family”

Hello, my name is Eli GarMont, and yes, with a name like this, I’m destined to certainly be known for something (hopefully starting with this blog)

I’m a journalist, but also a graphic designer… I L-O-V-E Fashion and everything that involves that world, and the arts are a real essential part of my life.

I’m the youngest of my family, meaning I was the spoiled kid (but hey!, now I understand the power of being humble)… My mom is a lawyer/teacher, and my dad was a police (he passed away two years ago, and certainly, that was a very sad moment in my life, he was such a great man, and his teachings will be with me forever)…

Living in Venezuela is a really interesting thing, because we have some of most controversial political stories in today’s media, but we still have great people, ones with really amazing minds that look for a better country (but I doesn’t talk about politics now, that can be a subject for another blog), here’s a place to have a good time, and forget all other things.

Writing is one of the most amazing things for me, I think being able to reach so many people with what I write is a blessing, so since 2014 started, I promised myself to open a blog and share all my thoughts with the world…

That’s why A GarMont Confession was born, it’s a space for Life, Fashion, Love and all in between…

This blog will have lots of things, which I’m now preparing for all of you to enjoy…


  • Interesting Confessions:

1. I believe music is the one of the best things in life.

2. I don’t really like SMS, I prefer a face-to-face conversation or a least a looooong phone call (or Skype).

3. White and Red are my favorite colors.

4. I’m a Scorpio (Yeah Baby!).

5. Until I was 20, the times I made a trip to the beach could be counted with one hand. (that’s because my mom hate the beach).

6. I think Number 5 is one of the reasons I’ve being called “Gasper” for some friends LOL, and the thing is, I learned to absolutely love my “Gasper-Skin” 😀

7. My favorite Spanish song is “La Fuerza del Corazon” (The Force Of The Heart) by Alejandro Sanz, but right now I can’t decide which one is my favorite on English…

8. My favorite book is “Le Petit Prince”.

9. Love bow-ties and hats.

10. Stay tuned to my blog and you’ll find out a lot more…


I think this is a very good starting don’t you think?, so… Are you ready to confess too?…

I hope you are…


Confessed… GarMont!

13 thoughts on “More About Me!…

  1. You have so much energy in your words I love it! And FYI Red is my fav colour too! Hello it’s the best!!! Xx

    1. Absolutely!!!… I think the world needs people that can talk about things like fashion, but not forgetting to talk about other important issues like living life at fullest, and caring about other people…

      And yes!, Red is gorgeous, when you use it, it’s like bang!, here I am LOL…

    1. Hi Wax!!!… Thank you so much for stopping by, and take some of your time to read my blog… I really like yours too, especially the main drawing with the site’s name…

  2. ok eli, acabo de darme cuenta que eres Venezolano!
    cuando lei tu blog no llegue hasta aca abajo! this is awesome!

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