24 thoughts on “The Liebster Award!…

  1. Hola! Thanks for answering my questions. It was fun to get to read them! You put so much effort into this post. Hugs right back ya 🙂

      1. Either one is fine actually depending on the mood 🙂 My mother would never call me Jules. My friends however call me that all the time.

      2. So, basically you’re part of a large group of people whose parents call them for they full name when they do something bad??? :D… Ok, so now on will be Jules!!!…

  2. Wow! This is really an effort! My Liebster Award post is also long and it took time… You post this in two languages… amazing! I love your answers… It’s interesting to read… And the BSB vs. NSYNC is a test and you passed… Just kidding. 🙂 I love the Backstreet Boys! 🙂

    1. Yeah!, the thing is when you get nominate more than once, you have to add 11 more questions, and at the end, you have a lot to answer LOL… Yes, in two languages, I confess that it can be hard, but I do like having the two options (living in a Spanish country, I don’t want locals feel disappointed if they don’t find the posts in Spanish)… I pass?, woohoo!… Backstreet rocks!…

    1. Oooooh thank you (btw, I have to answer you this, which do you prefer most, Romeo or Juliette?, they’re both awesome names, but I need to identify you with one hahaha), Ok, let me get my suitcase, my sunglasses and my sunscreen… Done!!!…

      1. It’s taken me too long to reply to this!!
        Whichever one you find sticks most – people call me anything really haha, so whichever one you like best!
        Yayyyy see you soon!! x

      2. Juliette!!!… The two of them are so romantic, so I don’t know, maybe one day I will called you Juliette, and the next one Romeo… 😀



  3. Congratulations Eli!
    i’m loving your blog (and following on bloglovin’)
    I wanted to ask you something about the Liebste Award. How do you know if you won? ANd when are you able to put the button on your blog? How do people knwo you won?
    Thank you and again congrats!

    1. Orly!!!… OMG I’m so sorry for my delay… First, thank you so much for taking some of your time and comment…

      Also, I have to say OMG again because I absolutely L-O-V-E-D your blog too… I read your about page and I have to admit I was impress on how we have so much things in common, btw, I’m a journalist (and a Doctor at heart but that’s another story), and I tell you this career is amazing, if you love it, go for it…

      Second, add one more backpack-holic on your team, and another one on the OCD agenda!!!…

      Third, you can add the Liebster button to your page if you want…

      Once again, thank you so much, and I’m definitely following you now too…



    1. Amazing answers Laura!!!… I really enjoyed reading all of them, especially because it seems you have such a cool humor… By the way, i almost fell off the chair from laughing when I read your “first thought” when you saw my nomination hahaha… xxx

      1. Ah thank you! I am a bit too sarcastic for my own good sometimes… I’m so glad you found that answer funny, I didn’t want to offend but thought you’d laugh! xx

  4. Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the
    same page layout and design. Wonderful choice
    of colors!

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