A Header Story!!!

PostTodayI’m back!!!… First of all, thank you sooooooo much to all who have subscribed to my blog. Is such an honor and pleasure having each one of you on the Confession Family…

I was on a 4-day mini-vacation (which by the way, I enjoyed enormously), and now I have a lot to tell, pictures to show and a lot of confession that come very soon…

About today’s assignment on “The Commons”: headers, backgrounds and all the art involved.

My header is an expression of what I feel about a “Confession”, so many colors sharing the same space, that’s what happens when you confess something: you just want that particularly thing be outside so everyone can be just fine with it…

That image was on a little ad I saw on a magazine a few years ago… I remember instantly take the page and keep it on my bag until I got home, only to find out it was from the very talented Matt W. Moore… But after looking around 200 pages and didn’t find that image on an excellent size, I decided to do it all again by myself… And there’s the result, that image brings me joy and a special feeling every time I look at it…

Now I’m officially back, so stay tuned, the Confessions have just begun…


Confessed… GarMont!

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