The Endless Promise…

The Endless Promise

Y mientras tomaba el ramo entre sus manos, ella pensaba que cada una de esas flores era una promesa de un futuro junto a él. Uno en el que dejaría de ser la mirada adúltera, y se convertiría en la que podría vivir a la luz del día.

And while she took the bouquet in her hands, she thought that each flower was a promise of a future next to him. One in which she wouldn’t be the cheating stare, and will become the one that could live at daylight.



Este es mi primer “cincuenta palabras”, pueden conocer más de ello en este link… Espero que lo hayan disfrutado…

Dedicado a todos aquellos que han pasado esta situación… Dedicado a ti mi querida amiga, tú vales oro…..


This is my first “fifty”, you can check out what I mean on this writing challenge post… I hope you’ve enjoyed it…

Dedicated to all the ones who has pass this situation…


Confessed... GarMont!



17 thoughts on “The Endless Promise…

    1. Hi Mitchell!!!… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog… I always put my best on all the things you read here…

      You are more than welcome to join my “Confession Family”… By the way, do you have a blog too?…


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